Package 1: Soul Power – James Brown, Jabo Starks, drums

In this 6-part video series, Jim breaks down and explains the various elements of James Brown's classic song Soul Power, including Jabo Stark's famous groove.

These elements include a right-hand hi-hat pattern with swing feel, layered ghost notes and the basic chart of the song, which includes a “bar of 2” and a 16th note ensemble figure.

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Funk Drumming 2.0 is a graduated/progressive program taught by Berklee Online instructor Jim Payne for intermediate to advanced drummers with one-on-one interaction and personal attention.

Complete Lesson Plans will help you progress toward your goals in drumming. The series of 20 in-depth lessons, purchased in 4-lesson blocks, features demonstration videos, transcriptions and exercises on the topics you need to learn in this classic genre, such as linear drumming, layered coordination, bass drum technique and developing an "in-the-pocket" time feel. You'll receive personal instruction from Jim through audio comments, suggestions and feedback on your submitted videos playing to special tracks in each lesson. See the Screen Recording to find out how Funk 2.0 works!

The lessons also include one-on-one Skype sessions to go over any questions or concerns you may have.

Working together with Jim you'll be able to reach your drumming goals in this popular style.

Package 2: Don't Change Horses – Tower of Power, David Garibaldi, drums

In these 10 videos Jim breaks down and explains the very funky grooves that David Garibaldi plays on the Tower Of Power tune, Don’t Change Horses. He also breaks down and demonstrates the fills used in the song as well as the figures and the song form.