Soul Power – James Brown, Jabo Starks, drums

In this 6-part video series, Jim breaks down and explains the various elements of James Brown's classic song Soul Power, including Jabo Stark's famous groove.

These elements include a right-hand hi-hat pattern with swing feel, layered ghost notes and the basic chart of the song, which includes a “bar of 2” and a 16th note ensemble figure.


  • 6 Lesson Videos

  • Original Song (MP3)

  • Soul Power Beat (PDF)

  • Soul Power Song Track Chart (PDF)

  • Soul Power Song Track w/o drums, Slow (MP3)

  • Soul Power Song Track w/o drums (MP3)

  • Jim also plays to the song in the lesson videos

PLUS - This package also includes the Jabo Starks digital chapter from Jim's acclaimed book Give the Drummers Some!, and MP3s of Jim playing 5 famous Jabo Starks grooves from his book/CD 100 Famous Funk Beats.


Price: $9.95


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