Funk Drumming 2.0 is a graduated/progressive program taught by Berklee Online instructor Jim Payne for intermediate to advanced drummers with one-on-one interaction and personal attention.

Complete Lesson Plans will help you progress toward your goals in drumming. The series of 20 in-depth lessons, purchased in 4-lesson blocks, features demonstration videos, transcriptions and exercises on the topics you need to learn in this classic genre, such as linear drumming, layered coordination, bass drum technique and developing an "in-the-pocket" time feel. You'll receive personal instruction from Jim through audio comments, suggestions and feedback on your submitted videos playing to special tracks in each lesson. See the Screen Recording to find out how Funk 2.0 works!

The lessons also include one-on-one Skype sessions to go over any questions or concerns you may have.

Working together with Jim you'll be able to reach your drumming goals in this popular style.

Price: $395 for each 4-lesson block.

Funk Drumming 2.0 includes:

Each lesson includes:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Lesson Videos
  • Groove Transcriptions
  • Exercise Transcriptions
  • Song Charts
  • 5-8 Song Examples (original mp3s) relating to the topic of each lesson
  • Song Tracks w/o drums
  • Comments and feedback after each lesson video is submitted
  • A personal Skype session with Jim (15-20 min) after every other lesson

PLUS - Upon purchase of the first 4-lesson block, students will get:  a  complete digital copy of Give the Dummers Some! (376 pages), Jim's acclaimed book on the great drummers of R&B, funk & soul, with archival photos, discographies and interviews. - 5 Stars - Modern Drummer Magazine

AND – A complete copy of 100 Famous Funk Beats, with MP3s of Jim playing 100 famous funk grooves.

Funk 2.0 Certificates Signed by Jim Payne:

  • Upon the completion of the first four lessons you will receive an Intermediate Level 1 Certificate.
  • Upon completion of the first eight lessons you will receive an Intermediate Level 2 Certificate.
  • Upon completion of the first twelve lessons you will receive an Advanced Level 1 Certificate.
  • Upon completion of sixteen lessons you will receive an Advanced Level 2 Certificate.
  • Upon completion of twenty lessons you will receive a Professional Certificate.

Price: $395 for a 4-lesson block


student gallery


I’ve known brother Jim Payne for many years. He’s one of America’s funkiest drummers and a great teacher. Hanging out with Jim Payne is one of the finest things you can do for your career.
— Clyde Stubblefield, "The Funky Drummer," James Brown
Jim Payne’s online teaching program is good news for those drumming students who are interested in receiving top-class instruction from one of the drum world’s more prolific and respected educators. I wish him well with this endeavor, and can recommend his teaching methods and sincerity.
— Peter Erskine
Well- thought- out… refreshingly exciting, innovative, and most of all, loads of fun! I highly recommend it.
— Zoro
This class has been one of the best 12 weeks of my musical life.
— Nick Lim, Singapore (Student)
Today I played with a band and at the end the guys say to me: Hey Mauricio, we enjoy a lot your groove. You gave us confidence during all the songs. That was incredible for me.
Thanks Mr. Payne¡¡¡
Again is an honor and an experience that I will never forget to receive lessons with Jim Payne!!
— Arq. Mauricio Mora, Costa Rica (Student)
I appreciate your inspiring comments and suggestions. I am really lucky to study with you. I feel big progress in my drumming mentally and technically. Thank you very much for everything.
— Serkan Suer, Turkey (Student)
Jim and I have had many opportunities to play together and I’ve always enjoyed them. He’s frighteningly well-read, inexplicably mellow, in possession of a great sense of humor and a good friend. His musicianship is fully realized - technically and artistically. His experiences playing with many jazz and R&B legends helped him build his deservedly esteemed reputation. He’s a committed educator. His book “Give the Drummers Some” is a testimony to his hard work.
— John Scofield
Jim Payne is a well-respected teacher, author, clinician and performer in the drum community. He has a thorough knowledge of what it takes to become a professional musician and has had a great deal of success in training others to pursue this career. I wish him luck with his new online drum program.
— John Riley, Percussion faculty: Manhattan School of Music, NYU and The New School, NYC
Thanks for putting all this great material together. A lifetime’s work for such a good price. My utmost respect to you, sir.
— Simon Reynolds, England (Student)
I like the fact that my teacher not only has played this genre with top artists but also he is part of Funk and R&B history himself. He is a legendary drummer in R&B, Funk and Soul style.

He is a very caring, kind, enthusiastic person. His knowledge and guidance has brought my abilities as a drummer and understanding of Funk, R&B and Jazz to the next level.
— Tim Cromer – USA (Student)
Jim Payne has authored two books that in my opinion are indispensible to any serious drummers’ library. In ‘Give The Drummers Some’ and ‘Tito Puente’s Drumming With The Mambo King’ he has provided an incredible wealth of information about two of the most important drumming styles in music today - Funk and Afro-Cuban. And now comes the news that Jim launching his new online teaching program! I say, save a spot for me! I know I’ll learn a lot when I go there.
— John Ramsay -
 Chairman, Percussion Department,
 Berklee College of Music
Jim Payne has created a modern package that will continue to spread his message on the funk.
— Steve Smith
With his considerable hands-on experience playing with some of the legends and innovators, Jim is a true authority on the subject of funk.
— Bill Stewart
Without a doubt, the teacher who taught me more about music has been Jim Payne! He is a true Legend of the funk!
— Raúl Vargas, Mexico (Student)
I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement and the constructive feedback. I learned so much from doing this course. Your comments regarding my assignments are always so thorough and thought out. Thank you so much for all the information, the inspiration and the encouragement.
— Paul Naveen, New Zealand (Student)
Thank you for a great course Jim. It a has been a privilege to study with you, and having access to such great material.
— Pontus Meier, Sweden (Student)