Advanced Funk Drumming
by Jim Payne

This multimedia digital package includes 200 QuickTime videos and MP3 audio clips of Jim playing some super-funky grooves as well as the complete digital text of the book with photos and all grooves clearly notated.

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I can recommend this new project of the celebrated funk guru, Jim Payne, for any drummer looking to expand their funk vocabulary.
— Peter Erskine
Great project. Lots of fun. Challenging grooves. The looped filming plus the notation puts you right in touch with the nuances of the beat… so much faster than the notation by itself.
— Stanton Moore
This well-thought-out book/video package is refreshingly exciting, innovative, and most of all, loads of fun! I highly recommend it!
— Zoro
What can I say except ‘WOW’? Jim Payne has produced one of the most inspiring pieces of educational material. It’s very simple, if you want to improve your funk, get this book!
— Adrian Graham,


Give the Drummers Some!

The original "Give The Drummers Some!" has now been reissued in digital/pdf form, compatible with computers, iPads and smartphones. The downloadable 276 page book is complete with all 26 biographies, interviews, discographies and archival photos.

This package also includes 90 audio mp3s of the author playing many of the famous R&B and funk grooves created by these drummers... plus the transcriptions of these rhythms.

Two Purchase Options


Give The Drummers Some! tells the story of the rhythmic revolution of R&B, funk and soul, in the '60s and '70s, as told by the drummers who made it happen. The true originators of the current hip-hop beats tell their stories, and the history of "da funk" comes to life.

Through one-on-one interviews with 26 key drummers, plus biographical sketches, rare photos, rhythm transcriptions and the accompanying audio mp3 files, Jim Payne documents the exciting and innovative period when the rhythm of popular music was changed forever.

Give The Drummers Some! starts in New Orleans with Earl Palmer who played on all the classic Little Richard hits, then takes the reader on an historical voyage highlighting the drummers behind the stars, such as, Jabo Starks and Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown); Roger Hawkins (Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin); Al Jackson, Jr. (Otis Redding); David Garibaldi (Tower of Power); Greg Errico (Sly & the Family Stone); Maurice White (EW&F); "Funky George" Brown (Kool & the Gang) and Ray Torres, the legendary unknown.

A monumental achievement, sets a new standard to which future educational music books will have to aspire.
— Adam Budofsky - Modern Drummer (5 stars)
Give the Drummers Some is brilliant. It was pretty much my guidebook in doing my whole Groove Alchemy project. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jim.
— Stanton Moore
Really top notch. I’m gonna use it as a reference book
— Fred Wesley, former James Brown Band leader
Absolutely glorious. There’s not one aspect of it that’s not killin’.
— Mike Clark


With each package you will receive downloadable video loops which can be played on your computer or copied to your smart phone, PLUS pdf files of the transcriptions of each beat. No fancy solos, just funk grooves, some old-school, some new-school. Laid out progessively for intermediate-advanced drummers. All at least one minute long so there’s plenty of time to focus in on the elements of the groove. Some played both slow and fast.

Funk Package 1: Funk Basics (12 Video Loops)
1 - 8th Note Hi-Hat openings, and syncopated Bass Drum patterns, key elements in Funk.
2 - Ghost Notes. The percolating glue of Funk.The groove-within-a-groove.

Funk Package 2: Funky Bass Drum & Displaced Back Beats (12 video loops)

1 - 16th Note Bass Drum patterns. This is essential. The 16th note Bass Drum patterns have to be solid.
2 - Displaced Back Beats. Add some surprise and syncopation to the groove. You don’t always have to play the backbeat.

Funk Package 3: New Hi-Hat Patterns & Linear Style (12 Video Loops)
1 - Broken Hi-Hat patterns. Funky short and long Hi-Hat openings.
2 - Paradiddle possibilities and linear style - get some use out of those rudiments in funk.

Funk Package 4: Putting It All Together(12 Video Loops)
1 - More Ghost Notes, with 16ths on the Bass Drum.
2 - Swing Feel.
3 - Latin Funk.
4 - 1/4 Note Hi-Hat Accents, Fill-in Technique.

Funk Package 5: Advanced Funk Grooves (12 Video Loops)
1 - Triplet grooves and funk shuffles.
2 - Mostly advanced funk grooves.
3 - Playing over the "1".

Funk Package 6: Advanced Blues (16 Video Loops)
1 - The basics. Layin’ it down.
2 - Adding snare drum ghost notes, scooting the rhythm.
3 - Changing the right hand pattern.
4 - 6 against 4, now it gets interesting.
5 - Double-time Jazz feel with 6 against 4.
6 - Two videos showing the application of these rhythms to the 12 bar blues form.

Funk Package 7: Advanced Shuffle (14 Video Loops. All loops use the 12 bar blues form)

1 - The basics, four on the floor and kickin' it
2 - The double shuffle.
3 - The Texas shuffle.
4 - The flat tire shuffle.
5 - Quarter note ride and adding the buzz.
6 - Video of author playing along to Hide Away - Freddie King.
7 - Video of author playing along to COD - Albert King.
8 - Video of author playing along to All About My Girl - Jimmy McGriff.

Funk Package 8: The Purdie Shuffle (5 Video Loops)

1 - The basics, 16th note triplets.
2 - Adding some funky bass drum.
3 - The Purdie Shuffle. Video of author playing along to Home At Last - Steely Dan, Bernard Purdie, drs.
4 - Video of author playing along to Big Legged Woman, Israel Tolbert.