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Advanced Funk Drumming book

Endorsements by:

Peter Erskine | Bill Stewart | Stanton Moore
Steve Smith | Zoro | Skip Hadden | Gerry Hemingway

Books with an interactive disc are becoming very popular, … Payne has taken this to the next level.

What can I say except ‘Wow'? Jim Payne has produced one of the most inspiring pieces of educational material. He has taken the tradition out of conventional teaching and has committed this book to educating you quickly, efficiently and most of all in a fun way.

It’s very simple, if you want to improve your funk, get this book!

Adrian Graham


Book Summary:

Includes 233 video loops formatted for Macs, PCs, iPods, iPhones and smart phones.

In creating this package, Payne composed and video-recorded the grooves before transcribing them. The first half of the book, Sections 1 through 14, is organized in a sequential manner; moving from simple grooves to more advanced permutations. Sections 15 through 21 present additional patterns in a more organic and sometimes random progression.

To further facilitate the "multi-sensory" learning process, many of the beats are shown in both slow and fast versions. The speed of the video loops can be further reduced using the standard software in QuickTime, which is very helpful for teachers and students. Although Payne has included beats that support the development of specific techniques that are required to correctly and comfortably perform contemporary funk drumming patterns, another progressive aspect of the project is its relative lack of purely technical exercises.

A Modern Drummer Publication


"This new project of the celebrated funk guru Jim Payne has the immediacy of an extended private session. The transcriptions offer the nuts and bolts of these beats, while the videotaped setting is intimate and, in a word, funky.

I can recommend this set for any drummer looking to expand their funk vocabulary. Ultimately, Advanced Funk Drumming should inspire interested drummers to develop their own beats."

- Peter Erskine

"With his considerable hands-on experience playing with some of the legends and innovators, Jim is a true authority on the subject of funk."

- Bill Stewart

"Great project.

Lots of fun. Challenging grooves. The accompanying QuickTime video loops are a great use of modern technology and make learning the material an enjoyable process."

- Stanton Moore

"In Advanced Funk Drumming, Jim Payne has laid down some very groovy beats that will expand anyone's funk vocabulary.

The notation is accurate and I found the looping QuickTime clips to be very helpful in digging into these interesting patterns.

With Advanced Funk Drumming, Jim Payne has created a modern package that will continue to spread his message on the funk."

- Steve Smith

"Jim Payne’s continued passion for funk drumming is clearly evident with his latest and most insightful method book. In a meticulously organized and logical manner, he gives drummers many practical and useful concepts for approaching, executing, and interpreting funk drumming.

With the invaluable CD that is included, this book goes a long way to fill the void in credible literature about a style of drumming that, unfortunately, few understand.

This well-thought-out book is refreshingly exciting, innovative, and most of all, loads of fun! I highly recommend it!"

- Zoro

"Well, Jim, you've done it again, another excellent book that lays down great grooves in a clear, concise manner… helps everyone build up their funk drumming repertoire… and carries on your tradition of providing excellent educational materials through your extensive music background and playing experience."

- Skip Hadden : (Professor of Percussion, Berklee School of Music)

"Awesome. Totally down to use with students.

The looped filming plus the notation puts you right in touch with nuances of the beat… so much faster than the notation by itself.

The three formats (QuickTime movies, iPod movies and MP3 files) give the student a lot of ways to absorb the feel and the detail of each beat.

I also like how you historically reference the details of each beat. So important for students to have a sense of where things came from in such a rich history of rhythm."

- Gerry Hemingway : (Professor of Percussion, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music)

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Advanced Funk Drumming book